I Ask Them (A Ellos les Pido)
Ink made with beets, wine, coffee, carmines, pencil, pigments on Canvas
100 x 100 cm | 39 x 39 in

An art explorer. Drawing is her prayer. As a visual artist, Pini has developed infinite works of art experiencing different techniques and materials shown around the world with installations, prints, murals in private and public spaces and a line of ceramic tableware drawn one by one by herself.

Today, and most probably, in response to what we are learning from pandemic times, she has started to produce her own colors and pigments with natural elements, trying to express new moments that are more related to organic and simplicity at home. Seeds, vegetables, flowers, autumn leaves have led to the discovery of slower hours, silent explorations and craft methods that result in imperfection, in spontaneity.

MArisol Art NYC_Pini_I Ask Them_2021_Natural Pigments and Tints on Canvas_39 x 39 in.heic