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Roots IV (Raices)
Mate Tea, Natural Pigments and Gold Leaf 23K on Canvas
179 x 127 cm | 70.5 x 50 in

Vero Murphy offers her audience the chance to pause and reflect on the fascinating world we live in through her art. She invites us to explore our place in it as human beings, and encourages us to look beyond geographical borders, race, or gender.

Murphy selects materials and mediums strategically, so that their inherent symbolic value shines through and reinforces the messages she conveys. She is particularly interested in exploring the new behaviors that can be exposed from the materials. The final art is the result of her “construction process,” in which she attains final harmony after ceremoniously working layer upon layer. Originally from Argentina, Vero Murphy lives and works in Miami.

Marisol Art NYC_Vero Murphy_Raices IV_2022_Mate Tea, Gold Leaf 23K_70.5 x 50 in.heic
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