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"Ash Large", from "Maderas del Tiempo" Series
Upcycled Wooden Rods on Black Powder-Coated Iron Frame
90 x 60 cm |  35.5 x 24 in

Sara works with wooden rods found in the oldest farmlands of Argentina, from La Pampa to Patagonia. These wooden rods that witnessed generations of families and countless stories over the years, are chosen and reused to become part of unique art pieces. 

The fundamental premise of her work is the use of natural, organic, and minimally intervened materials. It is the artist's challenge to achieve a contrast of intense colors and vibrant textures through the simple observation and careful selection of the right wooden rod. 

As if it were a game, the process of her art begins with a treasure hunt, traveling miles through countryside fields finding the ideal raw material. Delicately breaking it and then putting it back together, like a puzzle with a thousand resolutions, until the perfect combination is found. 

Marisol Art NYC_Sara Santamarina_Ash_2023_Upcycled Wooden Rods on Black Powder Coated Iron
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